David Royko Psy.D


Jiri Plocek's Teagrass at the Abbey Pub

Concert preview and review by David Royko, Chicago Tribune

October 1 & 5, 1996


Addendum: Teagrass recordings

As of 2012, there are five Teagrass CDs. I strongly recommend all five:

-Folk Music Face (1993) (click for my Dirty Linen Magazine review)
-Cestou na vychod / Eastbound (1995)
-Moravske Pisne Milostne / Moravian Love Songs (1999)
-Vecirek (2002)
-Wide Is The Danube
(w/ Iren Lovasz) (2002)

Not Teagrass, but related:

-Plocek & Šuranská: Písňobraní / Song Harvest (2005)
-Svata Kotas - Late at Night (1993) (click for my Chicago Tribune review)