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This is a bare-bones index of most of my writing on music through 2000. Unless otherwise indicated, they are CD reviews and appeared in the Chicago Tribune, or...

BU=Bluegrass Unlimited
DL=Dirty Linen
NYT=New York Times

Other publications as noted.

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Aaberg, Philip: See "Christmas Heritage" [concert, 12/1/98]

Adams, Tom: Rounder Banjo Extravaganza (w/ Trischka/Furtado) (Rou) 12/17/92

Adcock, Eddie: Live At Woodstock '92 [video] 4/20/93

Adcock, Eddie: Sensational Twin Banjos (w/ Reno) (Reb) 8/19/93

Adcock, Eddie: Talk To Your Heart (CMH) 6/95 BU

Adkins, Paul: How Many Roads (w/ Borderline Band) (Reb) 12/2/93

After Midnight: Looking To The Left, Looking To The Right (OMA) 8/96 BU

Albright, Gerald: Live To Love (Atl) 2/22/98

All Night Gang: Bluegrass From Nashville (w/ others) (Reb) 6/93 DL

Allen, Red: Kitchen Tapes (w/ Wakefield) (AcD) 10/27/94

Alltop, Travis: Two Different Worlds ((c)(c)(c)) 6/98 BU

Alternate Roots: Tales of Love and Sorrow (ARR) 2/99 BU

Anger, Darol: See "Christmas Heritage" [concert, 12/1/98]

Anger, Darol/Mike Marshall Band: Jam (Com) 12/5/99

Anger, Darol/Mike Marshall Band: [Concert] 3/13/00

Apollon, Dave: Man With The Mandolin(c)Complete Recordings '30(c)'56 (AcD) 3/15/98

Ardoin, Alphonse "Bois Sec": [TGIF] 7/19/96

Ascension: John Coltrane and His Quest: Nisenson, Eric [book] 1/9/94 NYT

Atkins, Chet: Galloping Guitar (BF) 7/7/94

Auldridge, Mike: Eight String Swing (SH) 12/92 DL

Bad Livers: Industry and Thrift (SH) [1998 Tribune Top 5] 12/6/98

Baker, Duck: Fingerpicking Guitar Delights (w/ others) (Sha) 4/93 DL

Baker, Kenny: Live At Woodstock '92 (w/ Graves) [video] 4/20/93

Baker, Kenny: Master Fiddler (Cty) 12/13/93

Baker, Kenny: Plays Bill Monroe (Cty) 12/8/94

Baldassari, Butch: New Classics/BG Mandolin (SA)[1998 Tribune Top 5] 12/6/98

Bandolim, Jacob do: Mandolin Master Of Brazil, Vol. 2 (AcD) 2/23/95

Bang, Billy: A Tribute To Stuff Smith (w/ Sun Ra) (SN) 10/13/94

Barenberg, Russ: Skip, Hop & Wobble (w/ Douglas/Meyer) (SH) 1/6/94 & 1/27/94

Bashful Brothers: [Quick Pick] 6/24/94

Bashful Brothers: Goin' South (BgS) 7/4/97

Bear Family Records: [Article] 7/7/94

BeauSoleil: [Concert] 8/10/96

Bebop Brass!: [concert] 11/25/97

Berline, Byron: Double Trouble (w/ Hickman) (SH) 10/6/95

Berline, Byron: Fiddle & A Song (SH) 9/22/96

Berline, Byron: Outrageous (FF) 6/10/93

Bhatt, Vishwa Mohan: Bourbon & Rosewater (w/ Douglas, Meyer) (Wat) 10/3/96

Bhatt, Mohan Vishwa: Tabula Rasa (w/ Chen, Fleck) 10/3/96

Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet: Saxhouse (KFW) 5/8/94

Black, Bob: Banjoy (GnV) 12/3/00

Blade Runners: Introducing The Blade Runners (Blr) 1/00 BU

Blake, Norman: In Concert (w/ Rising Faun String Ens.) [video] (Rbn) 7/8/93

Blake, Norman & Nancy: The Hobo's Last Ride (Sha) [press release, 7/27/96]

Blue Highway: It's A Long, Long Road (Reb) 1/96 BU

Blue Highway: [Concert] 10/1/96

Blue Highway: Midnight Storm (Reb) 1/23/98

Blue Mule: Suits 'N Boots (Den) 2/96 BU

Blue Steele: Steele Driver ((c)(c)(c)) 9/98 BU

Blue, Sugar: [Concert, guest of Leftover Salmon] 4/4/00

Bluegrass Album Band: Volumes 1(c)6 (Rou) 1/31/97

Bluegrass Burger: That's Soul Of Song (BD) 5/94 (BU)

Bluegrass Etc.: Home is Where the Heart Is (Tri) 12/5/99

Bluegrass Etc.: Home is Where the Heart Is (Tri) 5/00 BU

Bluegrass Etc.: Bluegrass Etc. (Sie) 12/3/95

Bluegrass Idles: Bluegrass From Nashville (w/ others) (Reb) 6/93 DL

Bluegrass Mountaineers: Cooler Than Country Presents [Video] (BBE) 10/95 BU

Bluegrass Patriots: Last Waltz (Tur) 10/14/93

Bluegrass Sessions Tour: [Concert] 9/17/99

Bluegrass: [Article] 8/21/94

Blueridge: Common Ground (SH) 2/00 BU

Book Binder, Roy: Live Book...Don't Start Me Talkin'... (Rou) 9/94 BU

Bowers, Bryan: [Concert] 6/9/97

Boys From Indiana: Touchin' Home (Reb) 12/92 DL

Braxton, Anthony: 4 (Ensemble) Compositions 1992 (BS)

Breakaway: Unpaved Road... (Brk) 1/95 BU

Breakaway: Watershed (Sig) 12/14

Brewer, Gary: Guitar (CCk) 8/24/95 & 9/22/96

Brewer, Gary: Heaven's Jubilee (Cow) 12/98 BU

Brewer, Gary, and the Kentucky Ramblers: [concert] 2/8/99

Brother Boys: Plow (SH) 11/12/92

Brown, Alison: Fair Weather (Cmp) 12/3/00

Brown, Alison: Look Left (Van) 9/94 BU

Brown, Alison: Quartet (Van) 7/4/96

Brown, Alison: Quartet (Van) 9/96 BU

Brown, Alison: Twilight Motel (Van) 1/28/93

Brown, Alison: See "Christmas Heritage" [concert, 12/1/98]

Brown, Alison: [Concert/IBMA] 10/24/00

Buchanan, Jimmy: To Love and Live Together (CEO) 10/1/93

Bulla, Luke & Jenny Anne: [concert] 10/21/97

Bullard, John: Clasical Banjo (BB) 7/1/93

Burns, Jethro: Bye Bye Blues (AcD) 11/23/97

Burns, Jethro: Puritan Sessions (Fre) 11/23/97

Burns, Jethro: Swing Low, Sweet Mandolin (AcD) 4/20/95 RDR

Burton, Gary: [article] (w/ Corea) 11/7/97

Bush, Sam: [Article] 5/15/98

Bush, Sam: Bluegrass Mandolin Taught By Sam Bush [video] (HS) 3/9/93

Bush, Sam: Glamour & Grits (SH) 9/96 BU

Bush, Sam: Glamour & Grits (SH) 9/5/96 & 12/8/96

Bush, Sam: Howlin' At The Moon (SH) [1998 Tribune Top 5] 12/6/98

Bush, Sam: [Concert] 9/26/95

Bush, Sam: [Concert] 11/15/98

Bush, Sam: [Concert] [Fleck/Bluegrass Sessions tour] 9/17/99

Cache Valley Drifters: White Room (CMH) 6/27/96

Cahill, Greg: Blue Skies (w/ Don Stiernberg) (Tur) 10/92 DL

Cahill, Greg: Blue Skies (w/ Don Stiernberg) (Tur) 7/15/93

Cajun & Zydeco Music Fest: [TGIF] 7/19/96

California: Traveler (SH) 4/93 DL

Canada, Mo: Stoney Lonesome (Mo) 1/25/96

Cantrell, Al & Emily: Under A Southern Moon (Som) 2/3/94

Cantrells: A New Language (Tur) 6/92 DL

Carlin, Bob: The Fun Of Open Discussion (w/ Hartford) 5/95 BU

Carlini, John: River Suite for Two Guitars (w/Rice) (SH) 8/24/95

Carlini, John & Bill Robinson: A Christmas Gift (GdS) 12/12/99

Carr, Joe: [Article on Munde/Carr] 5/96 BU

Carr, Joe: [Concert] (w/ Munde) 7/13/95

Carter, Earnest: Beyond The Blue Sky (w/ Bluegrass Hymn Trio) (BMU) 4/95 BU

Carter, Jason: On The Move (Rou) 12/14/97

Chancellor, Jim "Texas Shorty": Old Sport (w/ John Hartford) (SDB) 9/29/95

Chapman Family: Love's Gonna Live Here (DiG) 3/98 BU

Chen, Jie(c)Bing: Tabula Rasa (w/ Fleck, Bhatt) (Wat) 10/3/96

Chiavola, Kathy: [Concert] 3/25/97

Chiavola, Kathy: The Harvest (MyL) 12/8/96

Chicago Symphony Orchestra: [Concert] (w/ Bobby McFerrin) 6/8/96

Christmas Heritage(c)(c)Anger/Marshall/Phillips/Brown, others: [concert] 12/1/98

Christophersen, Bill: Sugar Tree Stomp (w/ Ben Freed) (Lud) 7/96 BU

Cipolla, Rudy: Portrait of an American Original (AcD) 5/30/97

Clarke, Stanley: East River Drive (Epc) 3/20/94

Classic Country Gentlemen: Live At Woodstock '92 [video] 4/20/93

Claudio Fasoli: Cities (RAM) 10/13/94

Clements, Vassar: [Quick Pick] 4/14/95

Clements, Vassar: [Concert] 4/17/95

Clements, Vassar: [Concertline] 11/10/95

Clements, Vassar: Bluegrass Sessions (FF) 5/6/93

Clements, Vassar: Once In A While (FF) 5/6/93

Clements, Vassar: Vassar's Jazz (WnH) 8/1/97

Cleveland, Mike: [concert] 10/21/97

Clifton, Bill: Early Years, 1957(c)1958 (Rou) 10/29/92

Cluster Pluckers: Bluegrass From Nashville (w/ others) (Reb) 6/93 DL

Connell, Dudley/Don Rigsby: Meet Me By The Moonlight (SH) 12/5/99

Connell, Tuey: [Article on Hanzlik Trio] 5/96 BU

Connell, Tuey: [Concert] 6/27/95

Continental Divide: D. Parmley, S. Vestal & Continental Divide (Pin) 10/19/95

Cook, Richard/Morton: Penguin Guide To Jazz On CD, LP & Cass. [book] 8/23/93

Copperline: Long, Long Way (Hsr) 9/96 BU

Cordle, Larry: Larry Cordle/Glen Duncan & Lonesome Standard Time (SH) 2/93 DL

Corea, Chick: [article] (w/ Burton) 11/7/97

Cornerstone: Out Of The Valley (FE) 7/94 BU

Coryell, Larry: Fallen Angel (CTI) 3/20/94

Country All(c)Stars: Jazz From The Hills (BF) 7/7/94

Country Gentlemen: [concert] 10/1/96

Country Gentlemen: Classic Ctry. Gtlmn. Live At Woodstock '92 [video] 4/20/93

Country Gentlemen: Live At Woodstock '92 [video] 4/20/93

Cowan, John: [Concert/IBMA] 10/30/98

Cowan, John: [Concert, guest of Leftover Salmon] 4/4/00

Cox Family: [Concert] (w/ Krauss) 11/21/94 & 11/22/94

Cox Family: Beyond The City (Rou) 9/95 BU

Cox Family: I Know Who Holds Tomorrow (w/ Alison Krauss) (Rou) 3/10/94

Cox Family: I Know Who Holds Tomorrow (w/ Alison Krauss) (Rou) 6/94 BU

Cox, Doug: Bone Bottle Brass Or Steel (Mal) 8/1/97

Crary, Dan: Jammed If I Do (SH) 9/8/94

Crary, Dan: Lady's Fancy (Rou) 4/20/95

Craven, Joe: Camptown (Acn) 7/25/96

Crisler, David: Bopjo (Bjo) 10/4/98

Crockett, Valerie & Walter: Unbutton Your Heart (Dar) 10/97 BU

Cross Creek: Fast Current (CC) 4/96 BU

Crowe, J.D.: [article] 10/20/95

Crowe, J.D.: [concert] 10/23/95

Crowe, J.D.: Come On Down To My World [Rou] 5/99 BU

Crowe, J.D.: Model Church (Reb) 3/24/94

Crucial Smith: Crucial Smith (Mic) 2/98 BU

Crucial Smith: [Concert/IBMA] 10/24/00

Cyporyn, Dennis: Deja Vu Debut (Kry) 1/5/95

Daniels, Eddie: Under The Influence (GRP) 10/10/93

Dickens, Hazel: Pioneering Women Of Bluegrass (w/ A. Gerrard) (S/F) 10/11/96

Dillard, Doug: Banjo Album (Sra) 5/27/93

Dillard, Rodney: Let The Rough Side Drag (FF) 8/92 DL

Dillards: [Concert] 11/5/96

Doctorow, Caroline: Hiding Out In Plain Sight (Elb) 7/94 (BU)

Domino Quebecois Band: [concert] 2/8/99

Douglas, Jerry: [Concert] 9/26/95

Douglas, Jerry: [Concertline] (w/ Peter Rowan; mention of "Yonder") 9/6/96

Douglas, Jerry: [Concert] (w/ Peter Rowan; mention of "Yonder") 9/9/96

Douglas, Jerry: [Concert] [Fleck/Bluegrass Sessions tour] 9/17/99

Douglas, Jerry: Bourbon & Rosewater (w/ Bhatt, Meyer) (Wat) 10/3/96

Douglas, Jerry: Dobro Technique [video] (HS) 3/9/93

Douglas, Jerry: Skip, Hop & Wobble (w/ Barenberg/Meyer) (SH) 1/6/94 & 1/27/94

Douglas, Jerry: Yonder (w/ Peter Rowan) (SH) 11/96 BU

Druha Trava: [concert] 10/21/97

Druha Trava: [Article/Friday] 9/4/98

Druha Trava: [Concert] 9/10/98 & 9/11/98

Druha Trava: New Freedom Bell (w/ Peter Rowan) (Cmp) 3/00 BU

Duncan, Craig: Smokey Mountain Sunday (Bwd) 7/29/93

Duncan, Glen: Larry Cordle/Glen Duncan & Lonesome Standard Time (SH) 2/93 DL

Duncan, Stuart: Stuart Duncan (Rou) 4/8/93

Duncan, Stuart: [Concert] [Fleck/Bluegrass Sessions tour] 9/17/99

Eanes, Jim: Classic Bluegrass (Reb) 5/27/93

Eastbound Freight: Don't Blame Me ((c)(c)(c)) 9/95 BU

Edelman, Judith: Perfect World (Com) 10/11/96, 2/97 BU

Edwards, Jonathan: Little Hands: Songs For And About Children (AmM) 10/96 BU

Eldredge: Your Own Set Of Rules (Pin) 2/10/94

Ellis, Tony: Farewell My Home (FF) 11/25/93

Emerson & Newton: A Foot In The Past, A Foot In The Future (Pin) 10/98 BU

Emerson, Bill: Banjo Man (Web) 7/4/96

Evans, Bill: Native & Fine (Rou) 6/20/96

Evans, Dave: Fingerpicking Guitar Delights (w/ others) (Sha) 4/93 DL

Evans, Gerald: Just a Five(c)String and a Fiddle (w/ Joe Mullins) (Reb) 12/3/95

Fassaert, Tammy: Just Passin' Through (SC) 2/95 BU

Kink, Cathy: Voice On The Wind (w/ Marcy Marxer) (Rou) 8/97 BU

Flatt & Scruggs: Strictly Instrumental (w/ Doc Watson) (Cty) 4/18/96

Flatt & Scruggs & Foggy Mountain Boys: 1948(c)1959 (BF) 7/7/94

Flatt & Scruggs & Foggy Mountain Boys: 1959(c)1963 (BF) 7/7/94

Fleck, Bela: [Article] 1/4/93

Fleck, Bela: [Article] 7/4/99

Fleck, Bela: [Article/Cover Story] 11/99 BU

Fleck, Bela: [Concert] 4/23/95

Fleck, Bela: [Concert] 9/26/95

Fleck, Bela: [Concert] 6/13/96

Fleck, Bela: [Concert] 7/17/98

Fleck, Bela: [Concert] 5/17/99

Fleck, Bela: [Concert] [Bluegrass Sessions tour] 9/17/99

Fleck, Bela: [Concert] 8/24/00

Fleck, Bela: Tabula Rasa (w/ Bhatt, Chen) (Wat) 10/3/96

Fleck, Bela: Crossing The Tracks (Rou) 1/4/93

Fleck, Bela: Daybreak (Rou) 1/4/93

Fleck, Bela: Deviation (Rou) 1/4/93

Fleck, Bela: Double Time (Rou) 1/4/93

Fleck, Bela: Drive (Rou) 1/4/93

Fleck, Bela: Fiddle Tunes For Banjo (w/ Trischka/Keith) (Rou) 1/4/93

Fleck, Bela: Inroads (Rou) 1/4/93

Fleck, Bela: Natural Bridge (Rou) 1/4/93

Fleck, Bela: Places (Rou) 1/4/93

Fleck, Bela: Solo Banjo Works (w/ Trischka) (Rou) 12/13/93

Fleck, Bela: Solo Banjo Works (w/ Trischka) (Rou) 3/18/93

Fleck, Bela: Tales/Acoustic Planet V.2: The Bluegrass Sessions (WB) 7/4/99

Fleck, Bela: Tales/Acoustic Planet V.2: The Bluegrass Sessions (WB) 12/5/99

Fleck, Bela: Teaches Banjo Picking Styles [video] (HS) 3/9/93

Fleck, Bela: Three Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (w/ Flecktones) (WB) 11/11/93

Fleck, Bela: UFO Tofu (w/ Flecktones) (WB) 12/24/92

Fleck, Bela: Uncommon Ritual (w/ Meyer, Marshall) 4/98 BU

Fleck, Bela: Left Of Cool (w/ Flecktones) 10/4/98

Flinner, Matt: The View From Here (Cps) 1/16/97

Flinner, Matt: [Concert/IBMA] 10/30/98

Flynn, Pat: Techniques For Soloing And Performing [video] (HS) 3/9/93

Ford, Robin Dale: Ain't Tht Skippin' & Flyin' (10P) 7/00 BU

Fortune, Sonny: [Concert] 5/23/96

Fox Hill Bluegrass Band: Hard Times (MBR) 8/96 BU

Freed, Ben: Sugar Tree Stomp! (w/ Bill Christophersen) (Lud) 7/96 BU

Freight Hoppers: [Concert] 9/25/98

Front Range: [Article] 7/98 BU

Front Range: Back To Red River (SH) 3/3/94

Front Range: One Beautiful Day (SH) 12/3/95

Front Range: Ramblin' On My Mind (SH) 8/97 BU

Furtado, Tony: Full Circle (Rou) 12/8/94

Furtado, Tony: Roll My Blues Away (Rou) 9/97 BU

Furtado, Tony: Rounder Banjo Extravaganza (w/ Trischka/Adams) (Rou) 12/17/92

Furtado, Tony: Within Reach (Rou) 8/92 DL

Gainer, Mark: Old Country Road (MG) 4/96 BU

Gambetta, Beppe: Alone & Together (w/ Tony Trischka) (Bra) 12/92 DL

Gambetta, Beppe: Dialogs (Bbs) 7/8/93

Garcia, Jerry: Not For Kids Only (w/ David Grisman) (AcD) 7/94 BU

Garris, Mike: It's Been A Long Time Coming (Copper Creek) 12/12/95

Gerrard, Alice: Pioneering Women Of Bluegrass (w/ H. Dickens) (S/F) 10/11/96

Gimble, Johnny: [Concert] 2/8/99

Gold Rush: Jigsaw ((c)(c)(c)) 12/98 BU

Good Ol' Persons: Good N' Live: 20th Anniv. Clctn (SH) 4/4/96 Trb, 8/96 BU

Grappelli, Stephane: Live (w/ Grisman) (WB) 10/20/94

Grass Is Greener: [Concert] 9/26/95

Grass Is Greener: The Grass Is Greener (Reb) 7/20/95

Grass Is Greener: Wolves A' Howlin' (Reb) 12/27/96

Graves, Josh: Live At Woodstock '92 (w/ Baker) [video] 4/20/93

Graves, Josh: [concert] 10/21/97

Graves, Tim, & Cherokee: Lonesome Fugitive (Nip) 1/96 BU

Graves, Tim, & Cherokee: Walking On New Grass (Pin) 8/97 BU

Greene, Richard: The Grass Is Greener (Reb) 7/20/95

Greene, Richard: Greene Fiddler (Sra) 9/15/94

Greene, Richard: Wolves A' Howlin' (w/ Grass Is Greener) (Reb) 12/27/96

Grier, David: [Concert/IBMA] 10/30/98

Grier, David: [Concert] 10/00 Moonshiner magazine

Grisman, David: [Concert] 6/13/96

Grisman, David: [Concert] 7/17/98

Grisman, David & Doc Watson: [concert] 2/3/98

Grisman, David & Doc Watson: [article] 12/28/98

Grisman, David: Common Chord (w/ Kobialka) (Cym) 5/30/96

Grisman, David: David Grisman Quintet (Rno) 12/2/93

Grisman, David: Dawganova (AcD) 7/25/96

Grisman, David: Dawg Duos (AcD) 12/5/99

Grisman, David: Early Dawg (SH) 6/16/94

Grisman, David: Live (w/ Grappelli) (WB) 10/20/94

Grisman, David: Not For Kids Only (w/ Jerry Garcia) (AcD) 7/94 BU

Grisman, David: Songs Of Our Fathers(c)(c)Trad. Jewish (w/ Statman) AcD 8/11/95

Grisman, David: Tone Poems (w/ Rice) (AcD) 8/25/94

Hain Brothers: Mit Den Hirten Will Ich Gehen (Twn) 12/98 BU

Hamilton, Scott: [Concert] 6/6/97

Hanway, Tom: Bucket of Bees (JG) 2/92 DL

Hanway, Tom: Tom Hanway & Blue Horizon (JG) 2/24/94

Hanzlik, Slavek: [Article] 5/96 BU

Hanzlik, Slavek: [Concert] 12/21/94 & 12/22/94

Hanzlik, Slavek: [Concert, opening for Alison Krauss] 12/10/95

Hanzlik, Slavek: Summer Solstice (Mus) 9/15/94

Hanzlik, Slavek: Fall of My Dreams (Sra) 10/4/98

Hanzlik, Slavek: [Concert/IBMA] 10/24/00

Hartford, John: [Concert] 5/8/96

Hartford, John: [Concertline] 5/3/96

Hartford, John: The Fun Of Open Discussion (w/ Carlin) 5/95 BU

Hartford, John: Goin' Back To Dixie (SDB) 3/94 BU

Hartford, John: Nobody Knows What You Do (FF) 2/11/93

Hartford, John: Old Sport (w/ Jim Texas Shorty Chancellor) (SDB) 9/29/95

Hartford, John: Wild Hog In The Red Bush (Rou) 4/97 BU

Hartford, John: [Article/Friday] 7/24/98

Hasegawa, Hikaru: Show By Banjo (RH) 12/13/93

Hatley Family: Anchored In Love Divine (EsW) 8/97 BU

Haynes, Roy: Out In The Afternoon (Imp) 6/13/96

Haynie, Aubrey: Doin' My Time (SH) 12/14/97

Haynie, Aubrey:  Man Must Carry On (SH) 8/00 BU, 12/3/00

Henderson, Wayne: Not Much Work For Saturday (w/ S. Kaufman) (HHH) 6/20/96

Here Today: Here Today (Rou) 3/31/94

Hickman, John: Don't Mean Maybe (Rou) 4/20/95

Hickman, John: Double Trouble (w/ Berline) (SH) 10/6/95

Hicks, Bobby: Fiddle Patch (Rou) 4/17/98

Hicks, Bobby: Texas Crapshooter (Cty) 12/4/94

High Range: Screamin' Down The Valley (RuR) 1/01 BU

Hinton, Kathi & Kellie: Pickin' With The Boys (Tur) 7/95 BU

Homespun Tapes: [Article] 3/9/93

Hot Rize/Red Knuckles: [Article] 5/15/98

Hot Rize/Red Knuckles: [Concert] 5/18/98

Hot Rize/Red Knuckles: [article] 12/28/98

Howard, Randy: [Concert] 3/24/97

Howard, Randy: Survival Of The Fiddlest (RTH) 7/20/95

Howard, Randy: [Obituary] 8/99 BU

Huber, Steve: Pullin' Time (SCR) 12/3/95

Hurst, Jim: [Concert/IBMA] 10/30/98

Hurst, Robert: Presents Robert Hurst (DIW) 11/21/93

IBMA: [Article] 10/00 BU

IBMA: [Concert] 9/26/95

IBMA: [Concert] 10/1/96

IBMA: [Concert] 10/21/97

IBMA: [Concert] 10/30/98

IBMA: [Concert] 10/26/99

IBMA: [Concert] 10/24/00

Ibbotson, Jimmy & John McEuen: Stories & Songs (Pln) 12/00 BU

Ickes, Rob: Slide City (Rou) 12/5/99

Idle Time: Idle Time ((c)(c)(c)) 3/98 BU

Isaacs: Carry Me (Hzn) 4/13/95

Isaacs, Joe: A Gospel Gathering [w/ Ralph Stanley] (Fre) 3/3/96

Jim & Jesse: 1952(c)1955 (BF) 7/7/94

Jim & Jesse: Bluegrass & More: 1960(c)1969 (BF) 7/7/94

Jim & Jesse: Tribute To Bill Monroe (CEO) 10/1/93

Johansson, Lasse: Fingerpicking Guitar Delights (w/ others) (Sha) 4/93 DL

Johnson, Becky: Inside Bluegrass [book] (Emp) 8/99 BU

Johnson, Mark: Clawgrass (w/ Rice Brothers) (BT) 5/19/95 6/15/95

Johnson, Mark: [Concert/IBMA] 10/24/00

Johnson Mountain Boys: Live At The Birchmere (Rou) 10/27/94

Jones & Leva: Vertie's Dream (CpC) 9/00 BU

Jones, Curtis: Blue As I (Psl) 3/99 BU

Jones, Jonathan: [concert] 10/21/97

Judi K: It's Been A Long, Long Time (Jaz) 10/3/93

K, Judi: It's Been A Long, Long Time (Jaz) 10/3/93

Kallick, Kathy: Use A Napkin (Not Your Mom!) (Rou) 8/95 BU

Kaufman, Steve: Arkansas Traveler (SB) 9/8/94

Kaufman, Steve: Not Much Work For Saturday (w/ W. Henderson) (HHH) 6/20/96

Kaufman, Steve: To The Lady (SB) 7/8/93

Keith, Bill: Beating Around The Bush (GL) 1/21/93

Keith, Bill: Beating Around The Bush (GL) 4/93 DL

Keith, Bill: Fiddle Tunes For Banjo (w/ Fleck/Trischka) (Rou) 1/4/93

Kentucky Colonels: Appalachian Swing! (Rou) 12/13/93

Kilby, Cody: Down Home Pickin (Kby) 4/7/95

Killbilly: [Article] 11/23/92

Kimmel Rosenstein & Co: Ramblin' Away (CpC) 5/97 BU

Knopf, Bill: John Philip Sousa Marches (FI) 11/24/94

Kobialka, Daniel: Common Chord (w/ Grisman) (Cym) 5/30/96

Kotas, Svata: Late At Night (G(c)M) 6/16/94

Krauss, Alison: [Concert] (w/ Cox Family) 11/21/94 & 11/22/94

Krauss, Alison: [Concert] 12/10/95

Krauss, Alison: Every Time You Say Goodbye (w/ Union Station) 2/93 DL

Krauss, Alison: I Know Who Holds Tomorrow (w/ Cox Family) (Rou) 3/10/94

Krauss, Alison: I Know Who Holds Tomorrow (w/ Cox Family) (Rou) 6/94 BU

Krauss, Alison: Now That I've Found You: A Collection (Rou) 4/7/95

Krauss, Alison: So Long So Wrong (Rou) 8/97 BU

Kruger Brothers: [Concert/IBMA] 10/26/99

Kruger Brothers: [Concert/IBMA] 10/24/00

Kruger Brothers: Carolina Scrapbook (DbT) 4/00 BU

Kruger, Jens: The Bridge (DbT) 4/00 BU

Kukuruza: [Article] 2/20/94

Kukuruza: Crossing Borders (SH) 12/13/93

Lamb, Barbara: Fiddle Fatale (SH) 6/10/93

Larkin Family: Pink Panther (OB) 8/95 BU

Lawson, Doyle: [Article] 11/8/93

Lawson, Doyle: Gospel Radio Gems (SH) 10/98 BU

Lawson, Doyle: [see Naperville(c)(c)3/29/00]

Leadbetter, Phil: Philibuster (MdK) 12/14/97

Ledet, Rosie: (and The Zydeco Playboys) [Concert] 8/10/96

Leftover Salmon ("Acoustic Salmon"): [Concert] 4/4/00

Legere, Ray: River Of No Return (w/ Roger Williams) (StC) 12/8/96

Legg, Adrian: Waiting For A Dancer (RH) 9/5/97

LeJeune, Eddie: [Concert] 8/10/96

Lester, Emory: Pale Rider (Nld) 7/14/94

Lester, Emory: [Concert/IBMA] 10/24/00

Levy, Howard: [Article] 3/19/93

Levy, Howard: [Concert 10/3/92] 2/93 DL

Levy, Howard: [Concert, guest w/ Flecktones] 8/24/00

Levy, Lou: Lunarcy (Ver) 3/20/94

Lewis Family: [Concert] 1/13/97

Lewis, Laurie: [article] 10/20/95

Lewis, Laurie: [concert] 10/23/95

Lewis, Laurie: The Oak & The Laurel (w/ Rozum) (Rou) 11/95 BU

Limited Edition: Tenderly Calling ((c)(c)(c)) 9/95 BU

Lira Ensemble: [concert] 12/11/96

Listen Up! a cappella: [Concert] 12/20/97

Listen Up! a cappella: [article] 12/28/98

Litwin, Ralph: Wild & Lazy (FW) 7/1/93

Lonesome River Band: [Concert] 9/26/95

Lonesome Standard Time: Larry Cordle/Glen Duncan & Lnsme Stnd Tme (SH) 2/93 DL

Lonesome Standard Time: As Lonesome As It Gets (SH) 3/96 BU

Lost & Found: Just Pickin' (CC) 9/15/94

Lynch, Claire: Friends For A Lifetime (Bwd) 12/13/93

Lynch, Claire: Moonlighter (Rou) 10/95 BU

Lynch, Claire: [see Naperville(c)(c)3/29/00]

Ma, Yo Yo/Edgar Meyer/Mark O'Connor: [Friday section piece] 3/31/00

Ma, Yo Yo/Edgar Meyer/Mark O'Connor: [Concert] 4/5/00, 1/3/01

MacKenzie, Kate: Let Them Talk (RH) 12/4/94

MacMaster, Natalie: No Boundaries (Rou) 9/5/97

MacMaster, Natalie: [article] 11/7/97

Maddox, Rose: Sings Bluegrass (Cap) 7/18/96

Magraw, Dean: Broken Silence (RH) 1/5/95

Magraw, Dean: Duo (w/ Peter Ostroushko) (RH) 8/92 DL

Magraw Gap: Magraw Gap (Mag) 8/97 BU

Makowicz, Adam: Plays Irving Berlin (VWC) 5/8/94

Mando Boys: Peter Ostroushko Presents (RH) 11/24/94

Manusardi, Guido: Colored Passages (RAM) 10/13/94

Marley's Ghost: How Can I Keep From Singing (SA) 12/13/93

Marshall, Mike: Brasil(c)(c)Duets (EB) 12/12/97

Marshall, Mike: Uncommon Ritual (w/ Meyer, Fleck) (Sny) 4/98 BU

Marshall, Mike/Darol Anger: Jam (Com) 12/5/99

Marshall, Mike/Darol Anger: [Concert] 3/13/00

Marshall, Mike: See "Christmas Heritage" [concert, 12/1/98]

Marxer, Marcy: Voice On The Wind (w/ Cathy Fink) (Rou) 8/97 BU

McCoury, Del, Band: [article] 10/20/95

McCoury, Del, Band: [concert] 10/23/95

McCoury, Del, Band: [concert] 10/1/96

McCoury, Del, Band: [concert] 10/21/97

McCoury, Del, Band: [concert] 3/31/98

McCoury, Del, Band: [concert/IBMA] 10/30/98

McCoury, Del, Band: [concert/IBMA] 10/24/00

McCoury, Del: I Wonder Where You Are Tonight (Arh) 11/5/92

McCoury, Del: I Wonder Where You Are Tonight (Arh) 2/93 DL

McCoury, Ronnie: [article] 10/20/95

McCoury, Ronnie & Rob: Ronnie & Rob McCoury (Rou) 1/18/96

McEuen, John: String Wizards (Van) 1/28/93

McEuen, John: String Wizards II (Van) 3/94 BU

McEuen, John & Jimmy Ibbotson: Stories & Songs (Pln) 12/00 BU

McFerrin, Bobby: [Concert] (w/ Chicago Symphony Orchestra) 6/8/96

McHan, Don: Mountain Gospel (PoT) 7/99 BU

McLain, Raymond W.: A Place Of My Own (FF) 4/93 DL

McPeak Brothers: Classic Bluegrass (Reb) 5/27/93

McPeak Brothers: Pathway To Heaven (CCk) 5/96 BU

McReynolds, Jim & Jesse: 1952(c)1955 (BF) 7/7/94

McReynolds, Jim & Jesse: Bluegrass & More: 1960(c)1969 (BF) 7/7/94

McReynolds, Jim & Jesse: Honor Roy Acuff (DbJ) 7/13/95

McReynolds, Jim & Jesse: Tribute To Bill Monroe (CEO) 10/1/93

McReynolds, Jim & Jesse: The Old Dominion Masters [4(c)CD box] (Pin) 12/5/99

Medicinal Purpose: Uncorked! (Med) 9/95 BU

Merle Watson Memorial Festival: [Article] 1/18/95

Metheny, Pat: The Road To You (Gef) 10/31/93

Meyer, Edgar: Bourbon & Rosewater (w/ Bhatt, Douglas) (Wat) 10/3/96

Meyer, Edgar: Skip, Hop & Wobble (w/ Douglas/Barenberg) (SH) 1/6/94 & 1/27/94

Meyer, Edgar: Uncommon Ritual (w/ Fleck, Marshall) (Sny) 4/98 BU

Meyer, Edgar: [see Ma/Meyer/O'Connor(c)(c)3/31/00]

Meyer, Edgar: [see Ma/Meyer/O'Connor(c)(c)4/5/00, 1/3/01]

Mike Garris: It's Been A Long Time Coming (CC) 1/12/95

Miller, Mulgrew: Hand In Hand (Nov) 1/16/94

Minor Bluegrass: [concert] 8/28/95

Mitchell, Roscoe: This Dance Is For Steve McCall (BS) 2/13/94

Modern Klezmer Quartet: [article] 2/27/98

Modrotisk: Kratka, Ale Dobra (AB) 9/97 BU

Molsky, Bruce: Lost Boy (Rou) 8/96 BU

Monk, Jr., T.S.: [Concert] 11/8/95, 11/9/95

Monogram: Monogram [JiH] 3/2/98 [unpublished]

Monroe Brothers: What Would You Give In Exchange for your Soul? (Rou) 12/3/00

Monroe, Bill: [Article] 5/30/93

Monroe, Bill: [Article] 9/2/96

Monroe, Bill: And The BG Boys Live Recs 1956(c)1969 (S/F) 12/13/93 & 9/22/96

Monroe, Bill: And The Bluegrass Boys: 1950(c)1958 (BF) 7/7/94 & 9/22/96

Monroe, Bill: And The Bluegrass Boys: 1959(c)1969 (BF) 7/7/94 & 9/22/96

Monroe, Bill: And The Bluegrass Boys: 1970(c)1979 (BF) 7/7/94 & 9/22/96

Monroe, Bill: Essential Bill Monroe & The BG Boys (Col) 12/31/92 & 9/22/96

Monroe, Bill: Father Of Bluegrass Music [video] 5/30/93

Monroe, Bill: Live Duet Recordings 1963(c)1980 (w/ Watson) (S/F) 12/13/93

Monroe, Bill: Mandolin Of Bill Monroe [video] (HS) 3/9/93

Monroe, Bill: Music Of Bill Monroe From 1936 to 1994 (MCA) 12/4/94 & 9/22/96

Monroe, Bill: 16 Gems (Col) 9/22/96

Monroe, Bill: [Book review, see Smith, Richard D., 8/27/00]

Moore, Charlie: Live In Europe & A Tribute By Spruce Pine (SBR) 5/95 BU

Morath, Max: [Article] 5/15/98

Morris, Lynn: [Concert] 6/9/97

Morris, Lynn: [Article/Friday] 10/23/98

Morton, Brian/Cook: Penguin Guide To Jazz On CD, LP & Cassette [book] 8/23/93

Muleskinner: A Potpourri Of Bluegrass Jam (Sra) 9/15/94

Muleskinner: Live: Original Television Soundtrack (Sra) 12/13/93

Muleskinner: Live: Original Television Soundtrack (Sra) 3/4/93

Muleskinner: Live: The Video [video] (Sra) 7/8/93

Mullins, Joe: Just a Five(c)String and a Fiddle (w/ Gerald Evans) (Reb) 12/3/95

Munde, Alan: [Article on Munde/Carr] 5/96 BU

Munde, Alan: [Concert] (w/Carr) 7/13/95

Munde, Alan: Festival Favorites Revisited (Rou) 3/11/93

Murray, David: Fast Life (DIW) 10/13/94

Nakashima Family Band: Nakashima Family Band (NFB) 9/96 BU

Naperville 2nd Annual Bluegrass Festival: [concertline] 3/29/96

Naperville 3rd Annual Bluegrass Festival: [concert] 3/24/97

Naperville 4th Annual Bluegrass Festival: [Concert] 3/31/98

Naperville 5th Annual Bluegrass Festival: [Friday "Be There"] 3/26/99

Naperville 6th Annual Bluegrass Festival: [Concert] 3/29/00

Nashville Bluegrass Band: [Concert] 12/7/92

Nashville Bluegrass Band: Unleashed (SH) 4/96 BU

Nashville Mandolin Ensemble: Gifts (Col) 12/20/96

Nashville Mandolin Ensemble: Plectrasonics (CMH) 8/96 BU

Nashville Mandolin Ensemble: Plectrasonics (CMH) 1/17/97

Natural Bridge: Natural Bridge (MF) 8/4/94

Neidlinger, Buell: Blue Chopsticks(c)(c)Portrait Of Herbie Nichols (K2B) 12/7/95

New Coon Creek Girls: L & N Don't Stop Here Anymore (Pin) 12/4/94

New Cut Road: [concert] 3/10/96

New Grass Revival: [Article] 5/15/98

New Grass Revival: Best Of New Grass Revival (Lib) 7/28/94

New Grass Revival: Best Of New Grass Revival (Lib) 12/4/94

New Grass Revival: New Grass Revival (Cap) 7/18/96

New Kentucky Colonels: Bluegrass From Nashville (w/ others) (Reb) 6/93 DL

New Tradition: Closer Than It's Ever Been (Bwd) 6/24/93

New Tradition: Love Here Today (Bwd) 6/24/93

New Tradition: Old Time Gospel Jamboree (Bwd) 12/4/94

Nilsson, Harry: Personal Best(c)(c)The Harry Nilsson Anthology (RCA) 6/1/95

Nisenson, Eric: Ascension: John Coltrane and His Quest [book] 1/9/94

Noble Jones Project: Synergy (SHR) 3/96 BU

Nordine, Ken: Upper Limbo (GDR) 3/6/94

Northern Lights: Living In The City (RdH) 12/95 BU

Northwest Territory: Northwest Territory (Ros) 10/95 BU

O'Brien, Tim: [Article] 5/15/98

O'Brien, Tim: [Article] 2/9/97

O'Brien, Tim: [Concert] 2/17/97

O'Brien, Tim: [Concert] 9/26/95

O'Brien, Tim: Oh Boy! O'Boy! (w/ O'Boys) (SH) 6/10/93

O'Brien, Tim: Red On Blonde (SH) 3/97 BU

O'Brien, Tim: See "Christmas Heritage" [concert, 12/1/98]

O'Brien, Tim & Mollie: Remember Me (SH) 2/25/93

O'Brother Where Art Though [Movie]: Article about the music. 2/01 BU

O'Connor, Mark: Heroes (WB) 11/18/93

O'Connor, Mark: Heroes (WB) 12/13/93 & 9/22/96

O'Connor, Mark: Markology (Rou) 4/29/93

O'Connor, Mark: Midnight on the Water (Sny) 4/5/98

O'Connor, Mark: Soppin' The Gravy (Rou) 4/29/93

O'Connor, Mark: Teaches Contest Fiddling [video] (HS) 3/9/93

O'Connor, Mark: [see Ma/Meyer/O'Connor(c)(c)3/31/00]

O'Connor, Mark: [see Ma/Meyer/O'Connor(c)(c)4/5/00, 1/3/01]

Old & In The Way: Breakdown (AcD) 5/98 BU

Old Cold Tater: Notes From Underground ((c)(c)(c)) 12/92 DL

Osborne Brothers: [Quick Pick] 1/5/96

Osborne Brothers: [Concert] 1/8/96

Osborne Brothers: [Concert] 1/13/97

Osborne Brothers: 1968(c)1974 (BF) 6/96 BU

Ostroushko, Peter: Duo (w/ Dean Magraw) (RH) 8/92 DL

Owens, Andy: Kerosene Circuit (w/ Andy Owens Project) (Real) 3/25/93

Pallatto, Joanie: Who Wrote This Song? (Sou) 1/30/94

Pallatto, Joanie: [article] 12/10/99

Palmqvist, Claes: Fingerpicking Guitar Delights (w/ others) 4/93 (Sha) DL

Parmley, David: David Parmley,Scott Vestal & Continental Divide (Pin) 10/19/95

Parsons, Gram: Live 1973 (w/ Fallen Angels) (Sra) 4/22/93

Parton, Dolly: The Grass Is Blue (SH) 12/5/99

Paxton, Tom: Live(c)(c)For The Record (SH) 2/97 BU

Penguin Guide To Jazz On CD, LP & Cassette: Cook & Morton [book] 8/23/93

Perkins, Larry: A Touch Of The Past (Pin) 2/3/94

Peter Ostroushka: Presents The Mando Boys (11/24/94)

Pettersson, Alan: Symphony #8; Sanderling/RSO Berlin (cpo) 6/13/93

Phillips, Todd: In The Pines (Grd) 6/27/96

Phillips, Todd: See "Christmas Heritage" [concert, 12/1/98]

Piazzolla, Astor: Luna (EMI) 6/13/96

Piazzolla, Astor: The Complete Late Recordings On American Clave (AmC) 4/25/97

Pickin' For Merle...Doc Watson & Friends: [Article] 1/18/95

Piephoff, Bruce: Bootlegger (FlC) 7/96 BU

Pikelny, Noam: [Concert/IBMA] 10/24/00

Pine, Courtney: Underground (Ant) 11/16/97

Plocek, Jiri: [Article] 10/1/96

Plocek, Jiri: [Concert] 10/5/96

Plocek, Jiri: Folk Music Face (w/ Teagrass) (FT) 4/95 DL

Point Blank: First Shot (Liz) 10/94 BU

Poodles: Unleashed (NE) 6/94 BU

Post, Jim: [Concert] 11/16/93

Post, Jim: [Concert] 3/9/93

Post, Jim: And Friends (FF) 6/2/94

Psychograss: Like Minds (SH) 12/27/96

Psychograss: Psychograss (WH) 11/4/93

Psychograss: [Concert] 3/13/00

Ra, Sun: [see Sun Ra]

Raines, Missy: [Concert/IBMA] 10/30/98

Raines, Missy: My Place In The Sun (MR) [1998 Tribune Top 5] 12/6/98

Rarely Herd: [concert] 8/5/96

Rarely Herd: Heartbreak City (Pin) 10/94 BU

Rarely Herd: Live in Kissimmee, Florida [video] (Pin) 6/98 BU

Rashid, Steve: Fidgety Feet (Wod) 12/22/94

Reid, Harvey: Artistry of the 6(c)String Banjo (WdP) 11/96 BU

Renegades: I Need To Find (Car) 2/96 BU

Reno & Smiley: 1951(c)1958 (Kng) 4/14/94

Reno Brothers: Acoustic Celebration (Web) 12/4/94

Reno Brothers: Acoustic Celebration (Web) 8/94 BU

Reno, Don: Sensational Twin Banjos (w/ Adcock) (Reb) 8/19/93

Rice, Larry: Notions & Novelties (Reb) 7/97 BU

Rice, Tony: [Concert] 9/26/95

Rice, Tony: Acoustics (Rou) 8/25/94

Rice, Tony: An Intimate Guitar Lesson With Tony Rice [video] (HS) 3/9/93

Rice, Tony: Crossings (Hzn) 4/13/95

Rice, Tony: Plays and Sings Bluegrass (Rou) 12/2/93

Rice, Tony: Plays and Sings Bluegrass (Rou) 2/94 BU

Rice, Tony: River Suite for Two Guitars (w/ Carlini) (SH) 8/24/95

Rice, Tony: Tone Poems (w/ Grisman) (AcD) 8/25/94

Rice, Wyatt: Picture In A Tear (w/ Santa Cruz) (Rou) 4/97 BU

Ric(c)O(c)Chet: Ric(c)O(c)Chet (Reb) 11/94 BU

Rigsby, Don/Dudley Connell: Meet Me By The Moonlight (SH) 12/5/99

Robins, Butch: Grounded*Centered*Focused (HHH) 7/13/95 & 9/22/96

Robinson, Bill & John Carlini: A Christmas Gift (GdS) 12/12/99

Rosenthal, Phil: Animal Songs (AM) 9/97 BU

Ross, Joe: Crazy Zoo (Zpr) 2/01 BU

Rossbach, John: Never Was Plugged! (Alc) 1/9/97

Rowan, Peter: [Concertline] (w/ Jerry Douglas; mention of "Yonder") 9/6/96

Rowan, Peter: [Concert] (w/ Jerry Douglas; mention of "Yonder") 9/9/96

Rowan, Peter: Medicine Trail (FF) 12/31/92

Rowan, Peter: New Freedom Bell (w/ Druha Trava) (Cmp) 3/00 BU

Rowan, Peter: Peter Rowan (FF) 12/31/92

Rowan, Peter: Yonder (w/ Jerry Douglas) (SH) 11/96 BU

Royko, David: [quoted] 12/14/93 Trb

Royko, David: [quoted] 4/8/93 Trb

Royko, David: [quoted] 8/16/94 Trb

Royko, David: [quoted] 3/16/95 LA Times

Royko, David: [quoted re: 1st NGR album/CD in Notes & Queries] 1/97 BU

Royko, David: [quoted in "My favorite thoughts..." letter] 12/99 BU

Royko, David: [letter re: DR & Bela Fleck article, from Jason Mowrey] 2/00 BU

Royko, David: [INC Column item on IBMA Print Award nomination] 10/9/00

Royko, David: ["RycmrWlcmsBckDR,DitinguishedAlum/2000"] 10/00 Roycemore Review

Royko, David: [Letter re: accents] 2/01 BU

Rozum, Tom: The Oak & The Laurel (w/ Laurie Lewis) (Rou) 11/95 BU

Russell, Pee Wee: Jazz Original (Com) 4/25/97

Salamander Crossing: Salamander Crossing (Sgn) 12/95 BU

Sample, Joe: [Concert] 8/23/97

Sanborn, David: [Concert] 8/23/97

Sanchez, David: [Concert] 10/16/97

Schatz, Mark: [Concert] [???]

Schatz, Mark: [Concert] [Fleck/Bluegrass Sessions tour] 9/17/99

Schatz, Mark: Brand New Old Tyme Way (Rou) 12/3/95

Schnaufer, David: Dulcimer Sessions (SFL) 12/92 DL

Schwimmer, Peter: 8 Track Mind (Sky) 5/19/95 5/15/95

Scruggs, Earl: [concert] 10/21/97

Seldom Scene: At The Scene (SH) 12/92 DL

Seldom Scene: Like We Used To Be (SH) 5/94 BU

Seldom Scene: Scene 20 (SH) 1/14/93

Shady Grove Band: Chapel Hillbilly Way (FF) 1/12/95

Shady Grove Band: Chapel Hillbilly Way (FF) 4/95 BU

Shaw, Marlena: Who Is This Bitch, Anyway? (BN) 10/13/94

Shirim Klezmer Orchestra: Naftule's Dream (NE) 3/17/94

Sidemen: Bluegrass From Nashville (w/ others) (Reb) 6/93 DL

Silverstein, Shel: Great Conch Train Robbery (FF) 5/13/93

Simons, Bret: [Article on Hanzlik Trio] 5/96 BU

Simpkins, Rickie: Dancing on the Fingerboard (Pin) 10/97 BU

Sizemore, Herschel: My Style (Hay) 12/3/00

Skaggs, Ricky: [Concert] (w/ Kentucky Thunder) 10/13/96

Skaggs, Ricky: [concert] 10/21/97

Skaggs, Ricky: [concert] 11/17/97

Skaggs, Ricky: Bluegrass Rules! (Skg) 10/26/97

Skaggs, Ricky: [Concert/IBMA]

Skaggs, Ricky: [Concert] 10/8/00

Slats Grobnik Vs. Public Art: [mock trial/benefit] 11/10/97

Smar, Jay: Country Living Room ((c)(c)(c)) 10/95 BU

Smentek, Susan: [Concert] 11/11/96

Smith, Billy & Terry: Bill Monroe Tribute (Ktl) 12/19/97

Smith, Lynn "Chirps": [Article, mention of "Midwestern Harvest" (Mar)] 9/15/96

Smith, Richard D.: Bluegrass: An Informal Guide [book] (Acc) 10/19/95

Smith, Richard D.: Can't You Hear Me Callin': Bill Monroe [book] (LB) 8/27/00

Smith, Valerie: Patchwork Heart (BlB) 2/98 BU

Smith, Valerie, & Liberty Pike: [Concert/IBMA] 10/26/99

Solomon, Arnie: Quarter Century (Her) 12/12/97

Southern Rail: Glory Train (Pin) 9/96 BU

Sparkman, Steve: Harlan County 5(c)String (CC) 12/19/97

Special Consensus Bluegrass Band: [article] 7/25/93

Special Consensus Bluegrass Band: [concert] 8/16/95

Special Consensus Bluegrass Band: [concert] 11/5/96

Special Consensus Bluegrass Band: Green Rolling Hills (Tur) 10/1/93

Special Consensus Bluegrass Band: Roads & Rails (Shy) 12/95 BU

Special Consensus Bluegrass Band: Strong Enough To Bend (Pin) 7/4/97

Special Consensus Bluegrass Band: [article/Friday, brief mention] 9/4/98

Special Consensus Bluegrass Band: [see Naperville(c)(c)3/29/00]

Special Consensus Bluegrass Band: [Article w/ alums sidebar] 5/4/00

Special Consensus Bluegrass Band: [review] 5/8/00

Special Consensus Bluegrass Band: 25th Anniversary (Pin) 12/3/00

Spontaneous Combustion: Where There's Smoke (Com) 5/97 BU

Spruce Pine: Charlie Moore Live In Europe & A Tribute By S.P. (SBR) 5/95 BU

Stanley Brothers: 1949(c)1952 (BF) 7/7/94, 3/3/96

Stanley Brothers: 1953(c)1958 (BF) 7/7/94, 3/3/96

Stanley Brothers: Early Starday/King Years (Kng) 12/9/93, 3/3/96

Stanley Brothers: Long Journey Home (Reb) 3/3/96

Stanley, Ralph: [article] 3/3/96

Stanley, Ralph: [concert] 3/10/96

Stanley, Ralph: 1971(c)1973 (Reb) 3/3/96, 3/21/96

Stanley, Ralph: A Gospel Gathering [w/ Joe Isaacs] (Fre)

Stanley, Ralph: Almost Home (Reb) 1/7/93, 3/3/96

Stanley, Ralph: Classic Bluegrass (Reb) 3/3/96

Stanley, Ralph: Classic Stanley (Fre) 3/3/96

Stanley, Ralph: Saturday Night & Sunday Morning (Fre) 3/3/96

Stanley, Ralph: The Banjo Of Ralph Stanley [video] (HS) 3/9/93

Star, Orrin, and The Sultan's of String: Sultans Live! (GE) 7/00 BU

Station: Trucks (TM) 4/96 BU

Statman, Andy: [Article] 12/1/94

Statman, Andy: [Concert] 6/13/96

Statman, Andy: Andy's Ramble (Rou) 12/4/94

Statman, Andy: Songs Of Our Fathers(c)(c)Trad. Jewish (w/ Grisman) (AcD) 8/11/95

Steffey, Adam: [Concert] 9/26/95

Stephenson, Larry: Born To Sing (Web) 2/95 BU

Stiernberg, Don: [Article] 3/22/93

Stiernberg, Don: [Concert] 6/18/95

Stiernberg, Don: [Concert] 3/31/98

Stiernberg, Don: Blue Skies (w/ Cahill) (Tur) 7/15/93

Stiernberg, Don: Blue Skies (w/ Cahill) (Tur) 10/92 DL

Stiernberg, Don: [Concert] 2/4/01

Stone, Gordon: Touch And Go (Alc) 3/7/96

Straight Ahead: Body & Soul (Atl) 10/3/93

Strictly Clean And Decent: Boomer Breakdown ((c)(c)(c)) 3/95 BU

String Fever: [Concert] 9/26/95

Stroatklinkers, De: Windkracht Dattien (SCR) 4/96 BU

Sugarbeat: Sugarbeat (PB) 8/4/94

Summer Church: Walkin' On Water (WLK) 2/97 BU

Sun Ra: A Tribute To Stuff Smith (w/ Bang) (SN) 10/13/94

Sun Ra: At The Village Vanguard (Sextet) (Rou) 10/13/94

Sun Ra: Somewhere Else (Rou) 10/13/94

Sutton, Bryan: [Concert] [Fleck/Bluegrass Sessions tour] 9/17/99

Talbots: Saintsbury Line (FrB) 7/97 BU

Teagrass: [Article] 10/1/96

Teagrass: [Concert] 10/5/96

Teagrass: Folk Music Face (w/ Jiri Plocek) (FT) 4/95 DL

Teagrass: Moravian Love Songs (GM) 12/5/99

Thigpen, Ed: [Concert] 5/23/96

Thile, Chris: [Article] 11/6/94

Thile, Chris: [Concert] 9/26/95

Thile, Chris: Leading Off (SH) 12/4/94

Thile, Chris: [concert] 10/21/97

Thile, Chris: [Concert/IBMA] 10/30/98

Thile, Chris: [Concert] 10/00 Moonshiner magazine

Thile, Chris: [Concert/IBMA] 10/24/00

Third Tyme Out: Living On The Other Side (Rou) 1/97 BU

Third Tyme Out: Puttin' New Roots Down (Reb) 5/20/93

Third Tyme Out: [Concert] 10/1/96

Third Tyme Out: Live at the Mac (Rou) 10/98 BU

Third Tyme Out: Live at the Mac (Rou) [1998 Tribune Top 5] 12/6/98

Third Tyme Out: [Concert/IBMA] 10/30/98

Thomasson, Benny & Jerry: The Weiser Reunion (Voy) 4/5/98

Traditional Grass: Howdy Neighbor Howdy (Reb) 12/92 DL

Trischka, Tony: [Article] 12/11/92

Trischka, Tony: [Article] 3/98 BU

Trischka, Tony: [article] 9/10/99

Trischka, Tony: [Concert] 5/17/99

Trischka, Tony: [Concert] 9/22/99

Trischka, Tony: A Robot Plane Flies Over Arkansas (Rou) 7/14/94

Trischka, Tony: Alone & Together (w/ Beppe Gambetta) (Bra) 12/92 DL

Trischka, Tony: Bluegrass Banjo Tunes And Techniques [video] (HS) 3/9/93

Trischka, Tony: Fiddle Tunes For Banjo (w/ Fleck/Keith) (Rou) 1/4/93

Trischka, Tony: Rounder Banjo Extravaganza (w/ Adams/Furtado) (Rou) 12/17/92

Trischka, Tony: Solo Banjo Works (w/ Fleck) (Rou) 12/13/93

Trischka, Tony: Solo Banjo Works (w/ Fleck) (Rou) 3/18/93

Trischka, Tony: World Turning (Rou) 1/20/94

Tyminski, Dan: Carry Me Across The River (DbS) 12/00 BU, 12/3/00

Tyner, McCoy: [Concert] 3/28/97

University of Chicago Folk Festival 1999: [Concert] 2/8/99

Van Bergeyk, Tom: Fingerpicking Guitar Delights (w/ others) (Sha) 4/93 DL

Van Meter, Sally: All In Good Time (SH) 2/18/93

Van Zandt, Townes: Road Songs (SH) 8/94 BU

Various Artists: 17th Annual Telluride Bluegrass Festival [video] 4/20/93

Various Artists: 1992 Merle Watson Memorial Festival [video] 4/20/93

Various Artists: 1992 Telluride Bluegrass Festival: Live (TB) 4/7/94

Various Artists: 50 Years Of Bluegrass Hits (CMH) 3/18/93

Various Artists: AcuTab Sessions (Reb) 12/3/00

Various Artists: Big Mon: The Songs of Bill Monroe-Ricky Skaggs & Friends (SFR) 1/01 BU

Various Artists: Bluegrass '95 (Vestal/Steffey/Haynie/etc.) (Pin) 10/19/95

Various Artists: Bluegrass '95 (Vestal/Steffey/Haynie/etc.) (Pin) 3/96 BU

Various Artists: Bluegrass '96 (Vestal/Steffey/Haynie/etc.) (Pin) 1/9/97

Various Artists: Country All(c)Stars: Jazz From The Hills (BF) 7/7/94

Various Artists: Doggone Country: All(c)Tme Fav Ctry Sngs Abt Dogs (CMH) 1/19/95

Various Artists: For The Love Of Harry(c)(c)Everybody Sings Nilsson (MM) 6/1/95

Various Artists: Great Dobro Sessions (SH) 12/4/94

Various Artists: Klezmer Music(c)(c)A Marriage Between Heaven/Earth (ElA) 8/22/97

Various Artists: Klezmania(c)(c)Klezmer Music for the New Millenium (Sha) 5/15/97

Various Artists: Masters of the Steel String Guitar (Arh) 11/00 BU

Various Artists: Max Weinberg Presents Let There Be Drums! V.1(c)3 (Rno) 3/10/94

Various Artists: Pickin' On The Grateful Dead (w/ David West) (CMH) 12/14/97

Various Artists: Rockygrass (BP) 7/6/95, 1/96 BU

Various Artists: Saturday Night Shuffle(c)(c)Celebration Of M. Travis (Sha) 6/2/94

Various Artists: The Stanley Tradition (DbS) 4/4/97

Various Artists: Sugar Plums(c)(c)Holiday Treats From Sugar Hill (SH) 12/10/92

Various Artists: Tinsel Tunes (SH) 12/20/96, 6/97 BU

Various Artists: True Life Blues(c)(c)The Songs of Bill Monroe (SH) 12/8/96

Various Artists: Winterhawk Scholarship Albums, 1986, 1988, 1990 (Gor) 7/6/95

Various Artists: Young Mando Monsters (VAMP) 5/30/ers) (Pin) 10/19/95

Vestal, Scott: Bluegrass '96 (w/ others) (Pin) 1/9/97

Vestal, Scott: David Parmley,Scott Vestal & Continental Divide (Pin) 10/19/95

Vestal, Scott: In Persuit Of Happiness (SVM) 11/16/95, 11/23/95

Vestal, Scott: Millennia (Pin) 12/3/00

Wakefield, Frank: Kitchen Tapes (w/ Allen) (AcD) 10/27/94

Wakefield, Frank: That Was Now... This Is Then! (Ros) 5/30/97

Wakefield, Frank: [concert] 10/21/97

Waller, Charlie: [Concert] (w/ Country Gentlemem) 10/1/96

Warschauer, Jeff: Klezmer Guitar & Mandolin (Oga) 5/16/97

Watkins, Allen: Battleground (Btl) 12/3/00

Watson & Hardy: Love Hounds on My Trail (Rhu) 3/98 BU

Watson, Doc & Merle: In Concert [video] (Rbn) 7/8/93

Watson, Doc: [Article] (Merle Watson Festival) 1/18/95

Watson, Doc, & David Grisman: [concert] 2/3/98

Watson, Doc, & David Grisman: [article] 12/28/98

Watson, Doc: Live Duet Recordings 1963(c)1980 (w/ Monroe) (S/F) 12/13/93

Watson, Doc: Memories (SH) 10/1/93

Watson, Doc: Strictly Instrumental (w/ Flatt & Scruggs) (Cty) 4/18/96

Watson, Doc: The Vanguard Years (Van) 2/22/96

Watson Festival: [Article] 1/18/95

WayStation: Looking For Love (Lak) 2/97 BU

Weinberg, Max: Presents Let There Be Drums! Vol. 1(c)3 (Rno) 3/10/94

Wernick, Pete: I Tell You What! (SH) 11/96 BU

Wernick, Pete: On A Roll (SH) 11/25/93 & 1/13/94

West, David: Arcane (SA) 5/12/94

West, David: Pickin' On The Grateful Dead (w/ Various Artists) (CMH) 12/14/97

White, Roland: Trying To Get To You (SH) 1/95 BU

White Sands: Riptide ((c)(c)(c)) 11/94 BU

Wijnkamp Jr., Leo: Fingerpicking Guitar Delights (w/ others) 4/93 (Sha) DL

Wiklund, Brian: Arrival (OFM) 12/98 BU

Williams, Jeanette: Cherry Blossoms In The Springtime (DbS) 12/5/99

Williams, Josh: [concert] 10/21/97

Williams, Roger: River Of No Return (w/ Ray Legere) (StC) 12/8/96

Williamson, Tony: Across The Grain (PS) 12/8/96

Winship, Ben: One Shoe Left (SnR) 6/98 BU

Winston, George: [concert] 12/12/96

Winston, George: [article] 10/10/97

Wise, Chubby: In Nashville (Pin) 10/20/94

Wright, John: [Article] 4/19/94

Wright, John: Promises (SL) 4/4/97

Wyland, Dede: [Concert/IBMA] 10/26/99

Zenkl, Radim: Czech It Out (AcD) 2/23/95