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David Royko Psy.D

Late Cab equals Cranky Me

At O'Hare heading back to Cleveland, where Karen and Ben-of-the-mega-cast await. Called 303Taxi at 5:25am to double-confirm (I already confirmed once last night) the order for 5:30am I placed yesterday just because I get compulsive about this kind of thing. I tried to use their app yesterday to place the order, and the app turned out to be useless. When I booked the cab over the phone, I told the order taker this, and she said that the app has all sorts of problems. Nice.

So after 10 minutes on hold this morning (and being told by their recording repeatedly to use their app instead), I was starting to freak out, because, again, that's the way I am with this sort of thing. I tried the app again which offered no option to confirm my taxi with my confirmation number. After 20 minutes on hold, and the cab being 15 minutes late, and calling American taxi, or at least trying but their phone answering system is even worse than 303 taxi's, because I was starting to worry that I would miss my plane, because, hey, that's the way I am with this sort of thing. After 22 minutes and the cab being 17 minutes late, I was really getting worked up, so when the guy came on the phone to tell me the driver was close, I probably wasn't very nice to him.

I also probably wasn't very nice to the driver when he showed up and blamed the system for being down. But all is well, the weather looks dandy, and I can't wait to see Karen and Ben. And by then, my blood pressure will be down from the head-pop level it was at while waiting for the taxi. Because, you know, I am a mellow dude.

Just ask the taxi dispatcher.

April, 2015