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The Chronicles of Ben Royko-Severe Autism in Real Time

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Huffington Post: David Royko: Psychologist; Director of Family Mediation Services; Writer (autism, music, children of divorce); Ex-Drummer; Gluten-Eater.

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New to Ben Stories? This might be the best place to start:
The Chronicles of Ben. Chicago Tribune, June 10, 2007




From Oconomowoc to Shaker Heights - Ben Moves to Monarch (May, 2011); Current Updates

Ben & Bela (Fleck) (December 9, 2012)

Eesinnuh (Parents Magazine, 2002) (Chicago Reader, 2003)

A New Life (2006; Appears in the book "Autism--Heartfelt Thoughts From Fathers")

Ben Update (2006; Appears in the book "Autism--Heartfelt Thoughts From Fathers")

Ben's First Home Visit (Sept 6, 2006)

Miracles, PTSD, Depakote, & Weekends (2006-2007)

Should Autism and Asperger’s Get a Divorce? (The Week Behind, May 2010)

Memoir drags autism's hidden pains into view (my review of Karl Taro Greenfeld's book, "Boy Alone: A Brother's Memoir," Chicago Tribune, 2009)

A World Apart (my review of John Robison's book, "Look Me In The Eye," Chicago Tribune, 2007)

Clara Park Continues the Story of her Daughter's Efforts to Break Through the Wall of Autism (my review of the book "Exiting Nirvana," Chicago Tribune, 2001)

Kate Winslet slings star power against autism (my review of the book "The Golden Hat," Chicago Tribune Printers Row Journal, 2012)

Ron Suskind's account of his son's triumphs with autism inspires, but it's not universal (my review of the book, "Life, Animated,"  Chicago Tribune Printers Row Journal, 2014)


Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Ben's story on the public radio program, THIS AMERICAN LIFE, first broadcast on September 15, 2006 as Act 2 of the episode, 'Unconditional Love'

'All In The Mind' - Love is a Battlefield: Australian ABC's update of our This American Life episode, June '09

Juicervose: Public Radio's Radiolab episode about the book, "Life, Animated" that I reviewed (see above), includes interview with me (9/19/14) 


Baby Cries, a brief (7'56") documentary - I wrote and narrated Baby Cries (produced Phil Weintraub and based on "The Chronicles of Ben") for the 2007 Autism Speaks benefit, An Evening with the Stars

A Call To Action: A short (5 minute) documentary by Ruth Reiss/Autism Speaks (includes Ben and me), November, 2013 

Ben Turns 21 and Blows Out the Candle to Prove It, July 30,2014.

Ben Royko - Gardener  (summer, 2013)

Ben Double Viewing (his favorite way to watch), September 2, 2012

Happy Birthday To Ben! July 30, 2012 (Video courtesy of TC at Monarch - Thanks TC!)

A videoclip of Ben, March 10, 2012 (shopping in Half Price Books)

A videoclip of Ben, April 3, 2010

A videoclip of Ben, March 22, 2008


Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn: Understanding autism: Mike Royko's son updates his family's experience with its 'greatest tragedy' (October 25, 2013)