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Bebop Brass! at the South Shore Cultural Center

Review by David Royko, Chicago Tribune, November 25, 1997


Chicago Tribune
Tuesday, November 25, 1997
Arts Watch Roundup

Bebop Brass! at the South Shore Cultural Center
By David Duckman
[David Royko]

   Bebop at South Shore Cultural Center: As much a logistical as an
artistic triumph, the "Bebop Brass!" concert Sunday at the South Shore
Cultural Center is precisely the type of event that demonstrates how
invaluable the Jazz Institute of Chicago is to this city. Presented free
in collaboration with the Chicago Park District, "Bebop Brass!" was the
first of four offerings in the Chicago Jazz and Heritage Program, which
intends to examine the development of jazz in Chicago. Whether or not
the formal, illustrative goals were met--and with the "pre-bop" segment
of the program, including the bop classic "Night In Tunisia," one must
raise that question--the musical mission of presenting a stylistic and
historical panorama of exceptional Chicago trumpeters and trombonists
made for a delicious afternoon. Trumpeter Art Hoyle also served as
moderator, with each brass player subjected to a brief Q&A as they took
their turns on a plush on-stage sofa, creating a pseudo-talk show that
jazz fans would love to see on prime-time TV. The concert reached a
fitting climax with the world premier performance of trombonist Steve
Galloway's three-part suite, "Chicago Homecoming."